Expoziție 2020 - viziuni din România



- 2020 Exchange Partners -

"Let there be Peace on Earth"
Artist: Corina Chirilă (Bucharest, Romania)
The painting visualizes protecting our planet and its balance.

Group: Eclectarte - Interior Design / Artist: Taddeo Moise (Bucharest, Romania) 
The meaning behind the 3d artwork (a triptych) is that it is done in a surreal manner, and is about the Peace Within Ourselves - that can be achieved only by understanding and preserving a balance between thought and knowledge.

"The Magic Words" 
Artist: Elena Andrei (Bucharest, Romania) 
The artwork is hand-painted porcelain. The scroll unfolded by the Angel teaches the magic words, "I'm sorry - Please forgive me - Thank you - I love you," which have the power to alter reality.

"La mia pace"
Artist: Adina Ispas (Bucharest, Romania)
Because Elena was so kind and agreed to send the above art piece to Claudia Cockerill (New York-based Regional Coordinator who often generously sends her own art without expecting art in return), I decided to surprise Elena with a typography artwork. The words are from an Italian song which shares my own vision of peace: "I enjoy not settling for anything less than the whole world, the Earth, the opposite of a war - your body while asleep and silent upon awakening: peace... my peace." (T. Ferro)

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